People are asking Menon what's been bothering him, he's just been feeling different   For Feelin' Different, I wanted to  do a music video that gave the audience more than just music & lyrical recitation. I decided I want to include a narrative with actors, locations, & dialogue. This ultimately...
Hazy begins with Eshani being driven around the city, singing as she looks somberly outside the window. We are taken back to earlier in the night when she meets her lover.
For Notes to a Stranger, I played on the central theme of change by depicting Pimms as an individual who has a lot, yet has so little. UK artist Pimms Brooke tells us a story of change. Reminiscing on what's around her, and the path to change.
The chronicling of the transitional period between the man KSHR. was, and the man he is becoming