The Crossover
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The Crossover covered three major areas in Dubai

Basketball…in Dubai?

The Crossover is a documentary exploring basketball culture in the city of Dubai. Usually when people think of Dubai, they imagine the high rises & big money, not athletics. We went into the heart of the city to talk to some of the big players in the Dubai Streetball scene as well as collegiate basketball athletes to get their thoughts on the state of basketball in the city & how far they think they can take it.


The famous Jaffiliya basketball courts gave us a glimpse into the community of streetball in Dubai. After exploring Jaffiliya, we wandered off to the diverse Satwa courts which thrives on the competitive pick-up game style known around the world. After taking a deeper look into the streetball culture, we were curious about the organized collegiate basketball structure and find out if there are any Dubai residents serious enough about the sport to pursue it as a career

  • Direction
    Ehab Ismail/ Dushane Arasaratnam/
  • Camera
    Ehab Ismail/ Adonis Bdaywi/
  • Editing
    Ehab Ismail/ Adonis Bdaywi/