Screen 13
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An unstable janitor reaches his breaking point after a supernatural encounter with his past

Raj is the resident janitor at a local small-time movie theater. He has an ambiguous  past that no one has ever bothered to know about. On this stormy night, all power inside the theater cuts and he is tasked with getting it up and running again. His boss, Nasser, the resident security guard, becomes emboldened by the power cut and decides to take the rest of the night off – drinking and watching movies inside his office while Raj continues with his duties. After returning from the boiler room, Raj notices a remnant from his past sitting there on Nasser’s desk – an old brand of whiskey that his father used to drink. At this moment, Raj’s most traumatic memories as a child return to haunt him, and his perception of the present reality becomes mixed with his past – dooming himself by repeating a fatal mistake he once made as a child.

  • Director
    Ehab Ismail/
  • Producer
    Farah El-Sayegh/
  • Lead Actor
    Joaquim Gonsalves/
  • Supporting Actor
    Adam ST/
  • Writers
    Ehab Ismail/ Farah El-Saygh/
  • Production Design
    Yasmine Zahran/
  • Editor
    Hani Fayed/
  • Audio
    Ahmad Sahmoud/ Azarel Fernandes/