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Menon behind the scenes of the REGULA video shoot

Back after a year away from the rap game. Menon returns with his hit single “REGULA” – a manifesto proclaiming his return & subsequent rise to the top of the industry he once stood over.

I first heard REGULA while in the studio with Menon & Rayan (his producer) – I came as they were laying the vocals down for the song, I was there observing their process, getting a taste of the sound, and build the visual aesthetic for it.


The hard hitting kicks & omnious bells that ring throughout the track immediately gave me a sense of epicness. I felt a sense of triumph intertwined with an underdog-climbing-to-the-top feeling. As I listened I imagined Mt. Olympus and the idea of a mortal challenging the Gods. This concept translated into my idea for Menon traversing nature and triumphantly climbing to the top of a mountain. This of course serves a metaphorical purpose as well. Considering that Menon has been low-key for the last year, it is his time to “get back on top” and the idea of rising above nature and reaching the summit of a mountain seemed fitting.


As I put together the moodboard & treatment for the video, rising tensions between North Korea & the US began to catch my attention. I always imagined nuclear war as an abstract idea, something that theoretically could happen but never would, but as tensions between the two nations kept rising, suddenly this once abstract idea started feeling a lot more real. This inspired me to dig into this Atomic age we had during WWII – theres something really fascinating about this time period when no one was really certain of what would arise from creating such powerful nuclear weapons & technologies. The Manhattan Project, lead by Dr. Robert Oppenheimer was one of the most important government projects in the 20th century, which would lead to the creation of the atomic bomb that would later decimate the populations of Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

I found myself fascinated with all these details and as a result I felt it fitting to weld it into the video concept.


As the video begins we hear the chilling voice of Dr. Robert Oppenheimer speaking about the moment they had finally cracked the nuclear secret. He references a line from the Hindu scripture the Bhagavad Gita when Vishnu extends his multiple arms and proclaims “Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds”. I couldn’t think of anything more fitting to kick off REGULA.


It was this combination of man-v-nature, rising to the top & the atomic age sense-of-impending-doom that created the narrative & aesthetic of REGULA.

  • Directed/Shot/Edited
    Ehab "Eazy World Peace" Ismail/
  • Song production
    Mohammed Rayan Bailouni/