Feelin’ Different
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Feelin’ Different
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Menon's early 2016 hit single "Feelin' Different"

Menon receives a mysterious call from a stranger, he is later abducted and taken to the desert to meet his fate.

People are asking Menon what’s been bothering him, he’s just been feeling different


For Feelin’ Different, I wanted to  do a music video that gave the audience more than just music & lyrical recitation. I decided I want to include a narrative with actors, locations, & dialogue. This ultimately became what Feelin’ Different is now. F’D was featured on many international hip-hop blogs including &

  • Directed/Shot/Edited
    Ehab "Eazy World Peace" Ismail/
  • Sound Recordist
    Azarel Fernandes/
  • Production Assistants
    Dushane Arasaratnam/ Ahmad Sahmoud/