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Most of you reading this right now are probably like “A blog?, really?” – yes really. No this is not because I’m aspiring to become a blogger, nor am I trying to “build a brand”. The purpose of this blog, as I suspect is the purpose of most blogs, is to have my own outlet of expression where I can write out my thoughts & ideas about – whatever really. I’m relatively quiet on Facebook, I don’t post much when it comes to opinions, and I don’t bother writing long-form posts because I feel it’s too easy to scroll up past it and forget about it. The second thing you might be thinking now is “well if it’s easy to scroll past on Facebook, what makes you think people are gonna bother to open your website & read your blog post?” – That’s the thing, I’m not expecting anyone to go out of their way to come here and read it. I figure that if you’re reading this right now, you’re interested enough in what I have to say to be here now reading this, and if that’s the case, I would much rather have my own platform to share my ideas.


Touching on my first point, I’m not trying to be a blogger, online personality, influencer. I’m not setting weekly quotas for blog posts; I don’t have any ultimate intention for this blog section besides wanting to share the sometimes chaotic trains of thought that come to me when I get excited about – anything.


I’m a filmmaker, so maybe I’ll write about my shoots & my process

I watch movies, so maybe I’ll write something that could be considered a movie review

I travel, so maybe I’ll write about my travels.


Who knows?


Feel free to get in touch with me via the “Let’s talk” tab at the top of the site!


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